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Bonjour, Sur le grand Raid les bâtons sont interdits. Seront-ils autorisés sur le RIF ? Pour gonfler les packraft, est-ce que les petites pompes électriques sont autorisées ? Merci. Hello, During " Le Grand Raid" the sticks are forbidden. Will they be allowed during ARWC2018 ? To inflate packraft, are small electric pumps allowed? Thank you.
Aug. 31, 2018 by Daniel, France
To this day, sticks are allowed.
To inflate your packraft, no electric pump, like for bikes, only human power.
Good training.

Hi! is this wetsuit allowed for kayak and canyon? The wetsuit stops just under knees.... Thanks
Sep. 7, 2018 by Paul
Hi, Ok for this wetsuit IF it is worn with neoprene separated leg sleeves.

Hi, Could you please confirm that these pants are approved as waterproof shell layer bottom ? Thanks in advance.
Aug. 13, 2018 by Rémy, France
Yes, these pants are approved

Hi, could you please confirm that theses pants are approved, if there are used with a wetsuit top 1 mm long sleeves? Thanks!
Sep. 6, 2018 by Maelle
Hi, Yes theses pants are approved with a wetsuit top.

Hi, the mandatory equipment list has changed : the wetsuit is now in the kayak list and no more in the rope section. Please could you clarify this change? Does that mean that the wetsuit will be used for kayaking and that there is no specific wetsuit mandatory for canyoning (or that canyoning session are no longer planned) ? Although, the new list has not been updated in the specific tab "equipment list"
Aug. 27, 2018 by Etienne
Hi, sorry for specific tab, we change that.
Yes, now the wetsuit is in kayak list because it is more easier for us for the road book.
Canyoning is always planned. The wetsuit can be mandatory without listed in rope equipment or the water is enough warm...

Hi, Would it be OK to use a swimrun wetsuit like this one even though it doen't have long legs. These models are well tested in harsh conditions and where allowed at the Nordic Islands Adventure Race this week with a swimrun section of more than 15 hours in cold water. They are used every year at the Otillo swimrun world championships. Thank you
Aug. 17, 2018
New rule (new mandatory equipment list) :
Wetsuit long John + wetsuit top (1 mm mini) long sleeves or 1 wetsuit long sleeves.
Swimrun wetsuit are allowed only with long sleeves and long legs. Neoprene separated arm sleeves and/or leg sleeves are allowed.

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