Savoie Mont-Blanc here we come!

Publié le 25 June 2020

The highest summit of Europe, the culminating point of the Alps, the third most visited natural site in the world. An alpinists dream!  !

Raid in France 2021, continues its World Championships in adventure racing 2018 at Reunion Island, is aiming high. Although not the summit of Mont Blanc, but the panorama of this mountain visible throughout the race, such is the promesse of this 2021 edition scheduled from 25th June to 3rd July in the Northern Alps, the Savoie, the Haute-Savoie and the Tarentaise Valley.

The adventure will take place at altitude: long portions on foot or mountain bike, above 2000 metres in altitude, if snow conditions are reasonable, glacier walking, with the culminating point above 3000 metres, ropes and scenic navigation between rivers and mountain lakes.

©Jean-Jacques Raynal

A 4 day non stop itinerary for the first teams and 5 to 6 days for the others. “Orientation, mountain bike, packraft, canoeing… pure pleasure, enthuses Pascal Bahuaud, Raid in France race director: The route promises to be as demanding as the mountain can be, but, true to the spirit of Raid in France, will provide solutions for teams who make mistakes in their progress”.

Start of inscriptions : 1st October, 2020. Fee : 2500 euros per team until 31st December and 2700 euros after this date. The places of departure (in Tarentaise) and arrival (in Savoie) will be announced soon.

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Publié le 20 May 2020

Raid in France is back. After a memorable world championship on Reunion Island in November 2018 and two years of break in 2019 and 2020, the 11th edition is scheduled for the Adventure Racing World Cup (ARWC) from 25 June to 3 July 2021. Rendez-vous in Savoie for a “very big mountain” edition. Registrations start on October 1st.”

No Rif for 2020

Publié le 14 October 2019

Contrary as to what was previously announced, we have taken the decision not to organize in June 2020.
A difficult choice to make but which is due to two main reasons.
Pascal Bahuaud, Raid in France race director, explains why in the interview: NoRif2020-GB

New world ranking

Publié le 7 December 2018

Just after the World Championship in Reunion, the new world ranking ARWS is out. Five French teams are now in the Top 20, which puts France ahead of the nations, just in front of the United States.

Find all the ranking on:


ARWC 2018 Ranking

Publié le 17 November 2018

Promise delivered

Publié le 16 November 2018

©JJ Raynal

The Adventure Race World Championship 2018 have been completed this Friday, November 16th with the arrival of the final teams, including the Reunionese team Run Zourit who completed the whole race in 8 days non-stop. It is a major achievement for this island shaped by the sport’s history of Grand Raid and they discovered with surprise and generosity that we could also go cycling, climbing, paddling at sea or in rivers.

Adventure racing is not like any other sports given. Indeed, it is all a question of endurance, non-stop competition, personal investment, personal commitment, the mandatory team spirit, the necessary sleep management, progression in full-autonomy… all of these are telling stories whatever the outcome is and will remain everybody’s mind for a long time.

As the 2018 edition’s motto claims, this Adventure race was « magic ». All the racers have experienced intense moments that some of them share with emotions on the finish line and others keep it secret. Once again, Avaya the reining multi-worlds champions from New-Zealand made the history of the front-race and managed their progression with the regularity and lucidity. Among those four lengedary heroes, Chris Forne, amazing navigator and Stuart Lynch, the quiet force, have pinned a seventh race-number on it. On the podium next to them, the Swedes from Haglöfs Silva and the French from 400Team Naturex who crossed the line only two minutes later after five days of race.

On the general ranking, 28 teams had achieved the whole route, 425 km and 16 000 meters elevation gain. Reunionese team Run Zourit touched the graal of the full race after an 8,5 days non-stop progression in the jungle of the island, its volcanoes, its rivers, its coastline. “This is a crazy race, said Thomas Barbereau on the finish line. We have discovered our island in a different light, with the eyes of tiredness. Carry the bike instead of getting on it, upwelling rivers instead of descending, try the Piton de la Fournaise heat and then heavy rainfalls… Progress, together, for one week, manage the sleep as well as possible, tiredness blows, doubt! What an incredible adventure !”. All the racers lauded the Reunionese sense of hospitality. Here, an inhabitant that shows them the way; here another who offers to eat… the liven up of the little story in the great story.

And now, let’s welcome the world championship 2019, planned in one year in Sri Lanka, made of rainforests, arid plains, mountains and sandy beaches, and where beautiful epic stories will be written.

Only four left!

Publié le 16 November 2018

Daniel Masy, Team Belgium (48).

There are only four teams left in the race this morning, including the Belgian Team Belgium and the local adventure team, Run Zourit, who will cross the finish line at the Corail village around 10am. Led by the legendary Daniel Masy, who competed in the 10 Raid in France and several Raid Gauloises – at the origins of the sport – the Belgians are regulars of adventure races. The Reunionese team Run Zourit, for their part, are running a magnificent race. Indeed, they might be amongst the last ones to cross the finish line but they have competed the entire course, which puts them in the Top 30 of this Adventure Racing World Championship. It is a real achievement that Olivier Gautier, Thomas Barbereau, Loïc Hue and Alexandra Renaud have done there.

Bad weather conditions

Publié le 14 November 2018

No doubt, it was a tough day for the teams still racing today due to very rough seas and heavy rains in the volcano region as well as in the south-east of the island. We often witness a strange phenomenon during adventure races : a gradual deterioration in weather conditions, impacting in a somewhat unfair way the back teams. To the length of the race are added cold, rain, fog…

This strange law has once again been confirmed at this world championship: the back and middle teams of the ranking suffered today! And the organization was on tenterhooks to find solutions to ensure the safety and the rest of the race. “The weather won’t necessarily get better tomorrow, so we decided to take early action’’ explained Pascal Bahuaud, the race director.

First decision: the sea kayak portion between Saint-Pierre (AT7) and L’Etang Salé (CP17) was removed. The teams are now starting the kayak section from L’Etang Salé towards Saint-Leu (AT8). The teams affeted by this decision are the following ones : Arverne Outdoor Inoprod (33), TUC Tri Absolu Vaincre la Muco (38), Adeorun (26), Vertical Dissidents (43), Outdoorvalley DSN74 (49), XTT Raid 63 Le Mont Dore (41), Uruguay Natural US (16), Team Belgium (48), Stomlonauts (45), Creps Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Ternua (61), Los Bomberos 81 (47), Olympus Red Ants (59), Intersport DSN-74 (42), Run Zourit (5).

But beware, not all these teams are in the same boat : some are still racing on the full course; others have been caught up by the time zones (cut); and others are out of the ranking because they are progressing with three teammates only.

Challenging day for the teams

Publié le 14 November 2018

On Tuesday, November 14th, a challenging day awaits the middle teams of the ARWC 2018 on the island as the team DSN74-Hoka (17) just crossed the finish line and ranked 9th. Those still on the last mountain bike section of Maïdo or the ones on the sea kayak section, they will have to manage their effort, energy and their impatience to arrive. For the teams who have not yet reached Saint-Pierre – the city where the sea kayak starts – the challenge will be to find the cuts installed along the race.

These cut-off time points allow teams to cut some sections of the racing track and push them further to finish line. A first cut (C) is scheduled tonight at the Transition Area 5 (AT5) in the Piton de la Fournaise at 10 pm. We already know that the back teams not embarking on the kayak section by noon tomorrow won’t make it on time for the following cuts. Therefore, the stakes are high for the racers who are still on the mountain bike section of the Fournaise.

Further down the rankings, seven teams were taken by the organization from TA4 (Saint-Philippe) to TA6 (Saint-Pierre) yesterday: the teams 40, 44, 46, 50, 54, 55 and 60 (other are being transferred: 43 and 49). They left early in the morning to the Coral Village.


Final sprint for Haglöfs and 400Team

Publié le 13 November 2018

The second place of this Adventure World Racing Championship resulted in a sprint. After five days of progression in the Reunionese jungle, from one river to another, from volcano to volcano, the final sprint took place on the Hermitage beach and there was only a two minute difference betwen de second and the third team. Haglöfs Silva took the second place of the podium and 400Team came in third. The two teams were in a daze when they reached the finish line, exhausted but also moved by this strange finish line in such a particular context. “This was a crazy Raid and a crazy final” said Sébastien Raichon, 400Team Naturex captain. We have been training  for this Island for years and we knew this race was made for us. From the packraft, the volcano ascent, coastering after l’anse des Cascades, the ride up to the Maïdo in mountain bike; even if barely managed to put one foot in front the other… it was awesome”. Extremely exhausted and moved, Nicolas Seguin nicknamed the Phoenix by his teammates because of his ability to rise from the ashes, reassured the public, the volunteers and the families present on the fact he will enjoy this third place. This is the first time ever that 400Team is medal-winner on an Adventure Racing World championship.