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Reunion Island is a French Overseas Territory. The island saw the light of day when the volcano named the Piton des Neiges emerged 3 million years ago. Some key dates marked its history, such as 1663 with the first settlement on the island.

Located in the Indian Ocean, near the islands of Madagascar and Maurice, Reunion Island covers 2,512 square kilometers and abounds in emblematic and extraordinary must-see places. Its 866 000 inhabitants cohabitate with four main religions that are Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism, and Buddhism. Just like the name of the capital, Saint-Denis, most names of the town include the prefix ‘Saint’. But why is that? The answer is colonization. In 1665, the Christian religion was established on the island and the entire population was obliged to convert to Christianity and every town had to add the prefix ‘Saint’.

In Sainte-Rose for example, you may visit a unique place of worship that is Notre Dames des Laves.

From the pied de letchi to the paille-en-queue, the tropical climate of the island is a gift for a fauna and flora as specific as the one in Reunion Island. This touch of tropics can be seen in Reunion cuisine, the famous Rougail made of onions, garlic, ginger and chili being the most emblematic and famous one. It is also the playing field of famous sportsmen such as Jackson Richardson and Dimitri Payet. And the residents of the island have their own colorful and cheerful dialect. Get familiar with the creole dialect!

Key places of the ARWC2018:

Cirque de Salazie
The Cirque de Salazie will be the start location of this Adventure Racing World Championship 2018. One of the historical gateway to the famous Cirque de Mafate, Salazie offers an amazing a show of waterfalls and greenery. The whole circus is designated as Unesco World Heritage and it is possible to access by an only road from Saint-André. The Salazie city is located inside of the circus and permit to discover the local culture as rich as the landscapes. The Hell-Bourg district will make you travel throught the time with its thermal station past.


The Saint-Paul municipality is the third largest in France and is shared between the ocean and the mountains. Also, this is the past capital and the most ancient municipality of the island. Farming is the main economic activity and tourism is always increasing. The dry tropical climate offers a large majority of sunny says, the city is even considered as one of the hottest of the island.


Village de Corail
The Village de Corail is located on the West Coast of the island in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains (Saint-Paul municipality), more precisely in the seaside resort l’Ermitage-Les-Bains. This holiday village offers bungalows for 2 or 4 people equipped with bathroom, toilets, little kitchen and the air conditioning. It is also possible to stay in one of the perched hut for an atypical night, rocked by the waves noise. Surrounded by a 5 hectares park in front of the Indian Ocean, each one will can find his favourite activity by going to the beach which is very close or by relaxing at the swimming pool. The Village de Corail  offers also a bar, a restaurnat and playgrounds for children.