Interview Down Under

What is your ranking?
We are not ranked.

For what reasons do you want to participate in the World Championship?
For the adventure, to challenge ourselves, for the camaraderie and to explore a beautiful island.

How would you describe your team in three words?
Enthusiastic, experienced, keen.

What is your wishing list for this year?
To finish the race, explore a beautiful island, enjoy each other’s company, not get lost and have fun.

If you could choose one sportsman that represents the best your team spirit, who would it be?
Arthur the dog and his teammates from Swedish team, Peak Performance. First Arthur’s ‘doggedness’ in his pursuit of the team. Second, true sportspeople can understand the bigger picture and identify things that are really important. The team brought Arthur along and one lucky team member adopted him and he now lives with this amazing dog.

What is the motto or the philosophy of the team?
To have fun, help each other and others where possible, to challenge ourselves and go hard.

What is the funniest moment you experienced during your training or race?
At Expedition Africa – Garden Route the sleep monsters came like never before. We were on the beach trek from hell, chasing a cut off. Half the team could not walk due to blisters and the captain was loaded with wetsuits, 2 packs and any thing else that could be attached. Needless to say he thought he was superman chasing the lights down at the end of the beach, but he was not fast enough for the hippos that he saw attacking him out of the surf and spent the next few hours running away from them. The team followed the delusions and ran away from the mythical hippos until he collapsed in a heap of packs and wetsuits…
This is based on the recollection of the team. The captain is still sure he wasn’t there and spent a pleasant week at a resort somewhere tropical.

What is your guilty pleasure? The one thing you could hardly live without?
The outdoors… good friends… dark chocolate…!