Interview DSN74 Yogi Spirit

What is your ranking?
Almost 30 ARWS races finished for all together, and an uncalculable number of small raids.

For what reasons do you want to participate in the World Championship?
Because it will be an unforgettable race in a wonderful area by excellent organisers.

How would you describe your team in three words?
Old guys and a young girl who want to enjoy the landscape of Reunion Island. The aim is to share the adventure together and really take pleasure.

What is your wishing list for this year?
Pleasure, sun, water (river and sea), friends, laughs, adventure, effort and surprise.

If you could choose one sportsman that represents the best your team spirit, who would it be?
A mix of Mike Horn and Philéas Fogg.

What is the motto or the philosophy of the team?
Chi va piano va sano e va lontano (who goes slowly goes well and goes far).

What is the funniest moment you experienced during your training or race?
When, after 3 nights, someone saw a cut tree and thought it was a team which was sleeping… and really insist to persuade other teammates that this tree was really a team…

What is your guilty pleasure? The one thing you could hardly live without?
Depending on teammates: chestnuts cream and chorizo… chocolate in all its forms