Interview Estonian ACE Adventure

What is your ranking?
Our team is currently ranked 5th in the world.

For what reasons do you want to participate in the World Championship?
We have participated in the World Championships every year since 2015 and always reached the finish line in top 6. So far we have not reached a podium placement, but as adventure racing is a sport of experience we feel we are now capable of that. But sport is only one thing – we are adventurers at heart and Reunion Island has been a dream destination for many of us. An expedition adventure race is absolutely the best way to get to know a country (island in this case).

How would you describe your team in three words?
Silent, confident, navigators.

What is your wishing list for this year?
We hope there will be tricky navigation & route choice options, fantastic vistas, not too much hike and bike šŸ™‚

If you could choose one sportsman that represents the best your team spirit, who would it be?
That would be Martin Klein, a historic Estonian wrestler. He won the worldā€™s longest wrestling match after 11h40 at the Stockholm Olympics 1912. He was relentless and just by a small margin managed to win his oponent finnish wrestler Alfred Asikainen.

What is the motto or the philosophy of the team?
Donā€™t do stupid stuff, there are thousands of dots watching eyes in the sky!

What is the funniest moment you experienced during your trainingĀ or race?
During the recent Nordic Islands Adventure Race, after a cold night, just at dawn, we were standing on a lake shore in Aland shivering thinking of an idea we had to cross the lake swimming. Suddenly we hear some buzzing and drone appears in the sky filming. Everybody jumps in the water and swims like a superhero!

What is your guilty pleasure? The one thing you could hardly live without?
That be our secret weapon Estonian speciality ā€œKirju Koerā€ bar. 536kcal in 100g. Fats, carbohydrates and protein all represented in a wonderful cocoa taste bar sprinkled with cookie and sour jelly bits.