Interview Outdoor Dream Team

What is your ranking?
It’s a new team with only 2 people who have international experience.

For what reasons do you want to participate in the World Championship?
For many reasons. First, we want to create a family team during this world championship. Second, we are really enthusiastic about this wonderful place and we know that Pascal and his volunteer team organize this adventure race with a lot of involvement. We already enjoy the wild aspect of it!

How would you describe your team in three words?
Family, passion, transmission.

What is your wishing list for this year?
To finish honorably this race without cut and doing a « clean navigation » because it’s not our strength. We also wish to take some pleasure and to test our physical and mentaly abilities in the wild .

If you could choose one sportsman that represents the best your team spirit, who would it be?
Without hesitation Elizabeth Revol. She is a great alpinist with a huge tenacity. She has a remarkable courage and her abilities to cope with difficulties is amazing. She already ran adventure races.

What is the motto or the philosophy of the team?
“There is no point run must leave on time”. The rabbit and the turtle. Jean de la Fontaine.

What is the funniest moment you experienced during your training or race?
Our first horse training.

What is your guilty pleasure? The one thing you could hardly live without?
A good bottle of beer with a french meal.