SECTION C – Mountain bike

Through the sugar cane fields

The first mountain bike section of the race connects Saint-Benoît to Anse des Cascades. That’s 41 km of progression through the sugar cane fields. This traditional farming activity of the Reunion Island accounts for 57% of the agricultural area and provides the main export product: cane sugar. Planters often say ” Li lé sucré et li lé bon ” (Sugar cane is sweet and good). The racers will also cross the lava flow dating from the 1977 eruption of the Piton de la fournaise volcano that wrecked a part of the Piton Sainte-Rose village except for its church, which has since been baptized Notre-Dame des laves.

The arrival of the section is located at Anse des cascades. As its name suggests, the place counts several waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation, close to a wide coconut grove and nearby a small fishing port lulled by the Indian Ocean waves. Leafhoppers and green Reunion Island day geckos can be found in this abundant nature. Birds such as the wedge-tailed shearwater and the white-tailed tropicbird can be seen on the seafront.

In brief: Mountain bike 1 / 41km / Elevation gain: 880 m / Elevation loss 880 m

Departure: TA2/Saint-Benoit / Arrival: TA3/Anse des Cascades

Minimum time: 5h30 / Maximum time: 9h35