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• Village de départ : Village Corail à l’Ermitage les Bains (Saint-Gilles les Bains)
• Village d’arrivée : Village Corail à l’Ermitage les Bains

Your trip to the island
Air travel, accommodation, car rental, shuttles…

> Information on travelling, sleeping and renting vehicles

Teams are fully responsible for planning their trip and organising their stay, except for the facilities rolled out by the organisation (ceremonies, shuttles…). The organisation has arranged some deals and found some partners, you can use them our not. It’s your personal choice.

Air Austral, a Reunionese flying company, is our air travel partner for ARWC 2018.
We are currently working on a plane ticket offer for all the French, Euro- pean and international teams in order to help you travel and minimise the cost. At the moment, we can’t tell you precisely what the offer is going to be. This information will be updated as soon as possible.
Exsel Group, a Reunionese hotelier group, is our accommodation par- tner for ARWC 2018. As for the travelling, we are currently negotiating deals for you, closest to the village as possible. Again, as for the air travel, we will update soon some more information regarding this topic.
Bleu Voyages, our general travelling partner for ARWC 2018. The entire booking deals will be done on a dedicated website. It will be available for all online.
Avis is the official car rental for ARWC 2018. Deals will be available shortly. We will give you more information soon.

IMPORTANT: November is a very busy month in terms of tourism for the island. Travelling to the island, accommodation bookings and rentals can get really tough and expensive if you don’t plan your trip long in advance. Our advice is to do it as soon as possible and not to wait the last moment to make all the bookings.

> Information regarding the shuttles Saint-Denis’s Airport to l’Ermitage-les-Bains

The organisation will set up some shuttles from Saint-Denis’s airport to the Village Corail, teams welcoming area. Some shuttles will also be organised for the way back.
The booking sheet will be online soon, so that teams can book their seat.
The booking deadline will be given later.
Shuttles will be organised on the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th of November 2018 and on the 17th and 18th November 2018 for the way back. The timetable will be made regarding the arrival of the main planes.

If you have any questions regarding air travels, accommodations or rentals please do not hesitate to contact :

A booking sheet will be online soon in order to book: shuttles, equipment sold by the organisation (MTB Boxes, equipment transport boxes, packrafts, white-water bags, seats for your family on the ceremonies). The deadline for all the bookings will be known later.

A pre-booking notification must be sent to the organisation at the same time as your registration sheet, in order for us to have an overall idea.