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09 Juil 2021

L’équipe Les Panthères, composée d’Axelle Vallet, Thomas Rosset, Hugo Cailhol et Yann Rivallant, a remporté le RIF Connect 2021 et gagne sa place gratuite pour Raid in France Savoie-Mont-Blanc 2022. Les Panthères ont sillonné les Alpes du Nord et la Savoie à l’occasion d’un parcours très technique de 156 km, réalisé en 26 heures. Le […]

Rif Spirit is coming...

01 Juil 2021

Pour répondre aux souhaits de l’ARWS de créer la coupe européenne des courses aventure, Pascal Bahuaud et son équipe lancent RIF Spirit, manche française de l’Adventure Racing European Series. Rendez-vous du 1er au 3 avril 2022 pour cette nouvelle aventure programmée dans une belle région à profil montagneux, dont la destination sera dévoilée prochainement. Cette […]

Un Rif Connect worldwide

21 Juin 2021

Dix équipes engagées dans le Rif Connect 2021, qui se tient du 1er au 5 juillet : 3 équipes françaises, 2 Belges, 1 Espagnole, 1 Canadienne, 2 Polonaises et 1 en provenance d’Afrique du Sud. Cette épreuve inédite vise à fédérer les coureurs sevrés de grands espaces depuis deux ans autour d’un projet commun et […]

Une aventure quand même !

26 Mai 2021

Rendez-vous du 1er au 5 juillet 2021 pour un Rif Connect inédit visant à fédérer les équipes de Raid in France (et les autres) autour d’un projet commun, partager une aventure ludique et sportive et faire vivre l’esprit Back to Nature. Les équipes ont jusqu’au 20 juin pour s’inscrire ; un film retracera les aventures […]

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1 week ago

Raid in France

Congrats XPD ans its winning team. #arws #arworldseriesWinning Doesn't Come Easy

Team ''Resicon Thought Sports’ came into XPD-Rivers of Gold as one of the favourites and they won by a big margin. So everything is true to form, but let’s not take it for granted because it’s what we expected, or think it’s easier for them than for other teams.

They were popular favourites as 3 of the team finished 3rd together at Eco-Challenge Fiji and Rob Preston probably has more expedition racing experience than anyone in the field, but there was strong competition. Alpine Avengers had 3 of the team who won the last XPD, so if anything they were defending title holders, there were lots of past winners in other teams too, and Chipesti proved there is always an up and coming team who can shake things up.

Every kilometre they put in front of other teams was hard won and they could only get in front of them as a result of dedicated training, requiring a high level commitment and some personal sacrifice.

For Tim Boote and Angus Rodwell it’s a first XPD win, while Rob and Kathryn Preston are past winners, but not in the same team. (Rob has won 3 times before and Kathryn once.) There’s a good reason for that, it’s really hard for both parents of young children to take time out to race together, let alone put in the hours of training, which they have to do separately most of the time.

They won by a big margin in the end, and that will only have happened as they raced as a strong team, supporting each other when morale dropped or they were hurting. They bounced back from losing time on the Mitchell River when their maps disintegrated, and showed fantastic grit in the final stages to go without sleep and push hard to beat the dark zone and secure the win.

They won in 4 days of almost non-stop racing across 472km of ocean and outback, a sporting achievement which should be national news, but will largely go unnoticed as it’s beyond the comprehension of most people.

However, those within the adventure racing community know what a remarkable feat it is and can appreciate and applaud it. And they’ll do the same for every team that crosses the finish line at XPD Rivers of Gold.
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2 weeks ago

Raid in France

🇫🇷Notre cadeau de l'été, quelques images pour rêver. Rendez-vous en septembre pour programmer 2022 : une année faste pour Raid in France avec 2 événements au programme. Rif Spirit en avril et RIF Savoie-Mont-Blanc en juin-juillet.
🇬🇸Our summer gift, some pictures for dreaming. See you in September to plan 2022, a magic year for Raid in France with 2 events: Rif Spirit in April and Rif Savoie-Mont-Blanc in June-July.
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