• Raid in France, rule #1

    Our 4 good-to-know tips to understand Adventure Racing World Series and more particulary Raid in France. Rule #1: a genuine immersion in nature and a total autonomy. No GPS, no cell phone, and no outside contact. The teams are in their adventure, enjoying the peace of nature.

  • Rule #2

    Teams are competing 24/7 and must manage their sleep, food and progression. Raid in France program always stand with 450 to 550 km of racing and minimum 15 000m ascent. The teams gather 4 members with at least one female. The aim: cross the finish line as a team of 4 and having be through the full course.

  • Rule #3

    After an intense 2018 World Championship on Reunion Island, Raid in France is back for an edition named “Under the Mont Blanc”. Save the date : 20 to 28 JUne.

  • Rule #4

    Adventure racing is a journey starting from an A point and reaching finish line, B point. A roadbook indicates the order of activities: trekking, mountain biking, raft, canoeing, caving… In France, adventure races are, since 2017, managed by the Triathlon national Federation.


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14 September 2019

Under the Mont-Blanc

Raid in France is back. Save the date for 2020 […]

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7 December 2018

New world ranking

Just after the World Championship in Reunion, the new world […]

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17 November 2018

ARWC 2018 Ranking

ARWC 2018 Ranking

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