About buoyancy!

06 Jan 2021

On Raid in France 2021, racers will be navigating with packrafts on classes 3 and 4 rivers. Currently, the standard for floatable individual equipment (jacket) in a floating boat on rivers from class 3 is the standard EN ISO 12402 – 4, corresponding to a buoyancy of 100N. However, we have worked with the triathlon national French […]

Ordering packrafts

28 Dec 2020

For teams wishing to buy packrafts, Raid in France and Frontier continue their partnership to offer you the best prices! To do this, Raid in France relies on the French company Jaws, which will place a group order. The pricing will be possible after registering your pre-order with the deadline of January 15, 2021. This […]

The world leading teams on RIF 21

04 Dec 2020

ARWS teams ranking has just been updated for 2020 and a french team has work its way up! 400team Naturex, and his fantastic team captain, Sebastien Raichon, are the new leaders of the Adventure Racing World Series. They will be on the start line of Raid in France 2021, a race they already won 3 […]

Over 60 teams already registered

10 Oct 2020

What a week ! Indeed, it’s been busy this first week of registration ! 63 teams, including 21 foreign ones, are already embracing the challenge of RIF 2021. Over 10 countries and 5 teams from the ARWS Top 20 ranking, this gives Raid in France 2021 a lovely international depth. For the teams on the […]

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