Our values

Raid in France: an adventure respectful of its playground…

Back to nature, our slogan carries our requirements in terms of environmental protection. Raid In France’s “back to nature” charter, is signed by all participants and members of the organization. This charter gives us the means for a complete immersion, controlled and respectful amidst the territories we go through.

Its principals

  • Going back to a genuine “running”, simple and authentic: orientation without GPS, a limited number of checkpoints for more freedom in orientation choices and free-moving out of the signposted itinerary, forbidding any kind of movement assistance (sailing…), complete autonomy.
  • An immersion in Nature and its often-neglected natural and cultural resources: team will be given a « Memories and Territories » booklet that retracing great historical, human and environmental aspects of the territories that the race goes through.
  • Organization of the signature of the « Back to Nature » charter, by all members of the race (participants, staff, sponsors and the media) during the opening brief.
  • Environment protection: team assistance will not be allowed to use generators and to let them run on checkpoints, waste management monitoring on all checkpoints and different locations along the course, used batteries will have to be disposed of in the designated recycling bin, use of biodegradable material… Waste management on checkpoints: a volunteer will be in charge of controlling cleanliness at each location the race has been. There will be cleansing teams all along the route.
  • Use of pollutants elements will be kept to a minimum: controllers will be rallying checkpoints by foot or bicycle, the electricity needed for aid stations will only be generated with clean energies, environmental-friendly transportation means only. Use of rescue helicopter for medical emergencies only Restoration of race sites: with for instance ropes anchorage points to be plugged.
  • Use of recycled paper for the entire communication and the organization.
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