The history

Championnats d’Europe et de France des courses aventure

Time: 21h56 for the winners to 30h30 for the last team
Disciplines: trek, MTB, kayak, caving, ropes
80 Teams on the start line
Podium of the French and European championships : Team FMR CSO (France) in 21 hours 56 mn / Team FMR CSO 2 (France) in 24 hours 34 mn / AbsoluRaid CapGanguise (France) in 25 hours 34 mn

2022 : Savoie Mont-Blanc

Time: 92 hours (3,8 days) for the winners to 6,8 days for the last team
Disciplines: trek, MTB, packraft, kayak, canyoning, caving, ropes
Total distance: 592 km
38 Teams on the start line
An awsome prologue in Bourg-Saint-Maurice with packrafts throughout the city
Podium: 400Team Naturex (France) in 92 hours 22 mn / Absolu (France) in 103 hours 57 mn / Bim Bim Team (France) in 108 hours 44 mn
They said : “An amazing adventure, with an exceptional commitment in the glacier section to the assault on the Petite Aiguille des Glaciers, where I felt the great thrill when the snow gave way under my feet, plunging me into a crevasse from where my teammates cheered me up.” Sébastien Raichon, 400 Team Naturex

2018: Reunion Island
World Championship

Time: 117 h (4,9 days) for the winners (Avaya/NZ) to 8,3 days for the last team
Disciplines: trek, MTB, packraft, kayak, canyoning, caving, ropes
Total distance:  425,5 km
59 Teams on the start line, 5 nationalities
An awsome prologue in Hell-Bourg
Podium: Avaya (New Zealand) / Aglöfs Silva (Sweden) / 400Team Naturex (France)
They said: "Raid in France is a fantastic race. It’s always very demanding, technically and physically. Pascal Bahuaud is, for sure, one of the best ARWS race designers". Nathan Fa'avae, team Avaya


2017: Ardèche

Time: 94h52' for trhe winners and 6 days for the laste team
Disciplines: rekking, MTBiking, kayak, caving, climbing and sailing
Total distance:  430 km et 12 000 m D+
32 teams on the start line
Podium : Lozère Sport Nature (France) / 400 Team Naturex (France) / Gravelines Tri DSN74 - Scott Hoka (France), 2èmes ex-aequo
They said: "This race is unique. You don’t need to travel worldwide ; everything’s here! Each edition is different and reveals its own discoveries, issues but joys. It’s hard to describe, and so, it must be experienced". Daniel Masy, Team Belgium


2016: Pyrénées-Occitanie

Time: 101h32 for the winners et 134h26 for the last team
Disciplines: trekking, rafting, mountain biking, canyoneering, ropes activities, kayaking and caving.
Total distance: 430 km between Font-Romeu and Saint-Pierre-la-Mer, at the seaside. 16 000 m D+
31 Teams on the start line
Podium: Seagate (New Zealand) / 400 Team Naturex (France) / (France)
They said: "Any human being, who faces his own physical limits in a natural environment will experience how goodwill to his team mates and trusting others  is the strongest drive to overcome any issue. Measuring ourselves as a team to nature’s strengths, trying to live in this environment, appreciating its hidden beauties, and  always finding solutions to keep going : is an extraordinary way of discovering life". Stéphanie Blockx, Arverne outdoor

2015: Ain

Time: 81h46 for the winners and 87h38 fort the last team
Disciplines: rek, mountain bike, stand up paddle...
Total distance: 380 km around Hauteville-Lompnes, 12 000 m D+
43 Teams on the start line, 10 nationalities
Podium: A400 Team Naturex (France) / Columbia Vidaraid (Spain) / FMR (France)
They said: "Today I'm crossing the finish line of Raid in France and retiring from my adventure racing career. I'm so proud to have been able to race the world cup serie. Each section ends up being a real achievement: 70 km of  MBT in 10h when usually I only took me about 4... Crossing the finish line is so intense and you just realise: "I did it"". Philippe Kuschnick, Cap Opale Julbo

2014: Puy-en-Velay > Camargue

Time: 84h24 for the winners and 97h32 for the last team
Disciplines: rek, MTB, kayak, canyoning, caving, ropes, horse riding
Total distance:  580 km autour entre le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) et le Grau du Roi (Hérault), 12 000 m D+
30 équipes on the start line, 15 different countries
Podium:  400 Team Naturex (France) / Lozère Sport Nature (France) / Arverne Outdoor (France)
They said: "Volunteering in the logistic teams allows me to experience the race from another perspective. I'm at the heart of the race, experiencing it close by to the teams. I share their emotions and live the experience from the other side of the mirror. Raid in France brings me unforgettable and intense experiences. Pushing your limits is a strong value for the entire Raid in France family". Anita Paladel, volunteer

2012: Alpes Côte d'Azur
World Championship

Time: 5 days for rhe winners and 7 days for the last team
Disciplines: raft, kayak, high altitudes mountains (hike with crampons), orienteering, caving, canyoning, via ferrata, ropes activities, mountain bike…
Total distance: more 500 km between L'Argentière-la-Bessée (Hautes-Alpes) and Roquebrune-Cap Martin (Alpes maritimes), through les Ecrins, le Queyras et le Mercantour
64 Teams, 21 nationalities
Podium: Seagate (New Zealand), 125 hours / Thule (France/Sweden), 129 hours/ Silva (Sweden), 130 hours
They said: "Once again, we’ve been blown away by the race. We’ve crossed some cracking landscapes and views ; Raid in France signature is persistent and real…". Sébastien Raichon, Raidlight

2011: Baronnies Provençales

Time: 90h56 for the winners and 6 six days for the last day
Disciplines: trekking, MTBiking, kayak, caving, climbing...
Distance totale :  580 km across Vercors and Baronnies
46 teams on the start line
Podium : (France) / OS-Direct Adventure Team (Ukraine) / DareDevils Adventure Racing (Denmark and France)
They said: "It’s fabulous. The landscapes on one hand and the human experience of this 4 days race on the other … I’m beyond joy. I’ve pushed my limits and drew on unsuspected personal strengths". Ludivine Cabiriou, team Agde Raid Aventure

2010: Hautes-Alpes

Time: 53h00 for the winners and 4 days for the last time
Disciplines: trekking, mountain bike, kayak, ropes activities…
Totale distnace:  250 km via the areas of Buëch and Dévoluy, 10 000 m D+
32 teams on the start line
Podium : Raidlight (France) / (France) / Lozère sport nature (France) and Raindlink 07 n°2 (France) ex-aequo

2009: Hautes-Alpes, Alpes de Haute-Provence, Var

Time: 130h11 for the winners and 5 days for the last teama
Disciplines: trek, MTB, high altitudes mountains (hike with crampons), kayak, canyoning, ropes...
Distance totale :  510 km between Lla Chapelle en Valgaudemar (Hautes-Alpes) and Fréjus (Var), 14000 m D+
14 teams on the start line
Podium : Quechua (France) / Cateye Outdoor Expériences (France) / Planete Tonique Acti4 (France)

2007: Pyrénées

Time: 150h21 for the winners
Disciplines: Mountain bike, trekking, raft, roller, canyoning
Totale distance:  476 km around the Hautes Pyrénées and the Pyrénées Atlantiques, 16 900 m D+
23 teams on the start line
Podium:  Quechua (France) / Ertips (France) / Raidicale (France)
They said: "What an adventure ! Pascal Bahuaud, has raced many Raid Gauloise, and today, he used his racing experience to imagine a fabulous race. He has achieved his promise of a « Back to nature » event". Rudy Gouy, Quechua

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