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720 km of coastline, an exceptional diversity of landscapes, a mild and sunny climate…: Nouvelle-Aquitaine boasts sought-after tourist destinations. The regional natural parks of Marais Poitevin, Plateau de Millevaches, and Périgord-Limousin, the marine natural park of the Arcachon Basin, and the Dune of Pilat, classified as a Grand Site of France, all have the features to captivate.

Gateway to the Plateau de Millevaches and the Vézère Valley, Bugeat showcases all the charms of a Corrèze village surrounded by nature. A nature that almost gives vertigo, with hills, fields, forests... From Bugeat, a range of outdoor sports activities is available to visitors: mountain biking, cycling, hiking, canoeing, paddleboarding...

Corrèze is a paradise of preserved natural sites, an ideal territory for a return to nature. The Dordogne gorges, with their dams and reservoirs, offer stunning scenery. Southwest of Brive-la-Gaillarde, the Causse and its lake are perfect for relaxation or sports. The forests are ideal for walks: there are 6 “Nature Sports Stations” and 2 “Nature Sports Sites,” original labels created in Corrèze. Cycling and mountain biking are very popular, with 300 family or sporting circuits to discover vast wild plateaus, breathtaking viewpoints, and picturesque villages.

The Haute-Vienne, remarkable for its peat bogs, dry heather moors, chestnut forests, deciduous forests, and meadows, is home to a rich and preserved natural environment. The department boasts around thirty natural areas, 75 registered natural sites, and 4 classified and protected sites, such as the Dauges peat bogs and the Chassenon astrobleme.

Xaintrie Vallée de la Dordogne is the perfect place to enjoy life surrounded by nature, where you can live in harmony away from major economic and urban centers. The Dordogne River is classified as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. There are fourteen biosphere reserves in France, and the "Dordogne Basin" is the largest in the country. Let yourself be charmed by our forests and hills, ideal for sports, long walks on the many hiking trails, fishing… an exceptional playground on water, land, or air for all athletes!

The French Triathon Federation promotes, organizes and carries out all actions to develop the practice of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, bike & run and raids. The FFTRI has some 60,000 licensees, 970 clubs and 1170 events spread across the country.

The National Sports Agency is leading the way in the new organization of the French sport. It brings together all the players involved in the development of sport, both for high-level and mass sports. It provides support for federations in their efforts to achieve greater excellence in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games; participates in the development of sports practices and is committed to making sport accessible to all publics, all ages and in all regions.


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On the Dordogne, 28 hydroelectric installations and 58 EDF dams are operated by over 300 agents. These agents ensure the operations are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner and in service of the public interest. In 2023, EDF Hydro Dordogne produced 2.6 TWh of carbon-free energy, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 1 million inhabitants. Hydropower is the leading renewable energy source and has the advantage of being dispatchable, meaning production can start in less than 5 minutes to meet network demand, particularly during consumption peaks.

EDF Hydro Dordogne is also at the forefront of industrial tourism, with EDF hydroelectric sites open to the public. In 2023, these sites welcomed over 17,000 visitors.

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Enedis manages Europe's largest electricity distribution network, serving society and local communities. This company with a mission committed to the ecological transition builds the new France of electricity, by supporting practices aimed at greater energy sobriety. Enedis connects, repairs and modernises the electricity network.


The Espace 1000 Sources - Centre sportif Alain Mimoun is located in the town of Bugeat near Clermont-Ferrand. Implanted at 720 m altitude on the Plateau de Millevaches (Correze), this training and accommodation center offers an ideal natural setting propitious to recovery and oxygenation.


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This Lyon group specializing in industrial supplies is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Led by two brothers who are passionate about sport, it has been faithful to the values of Raid in France since the origin of the event. This year, in Haute-Loire, he is a jersey sponsor.

This company designs, manufactures and supplies cooling and heating solutions to the light metal foundry industry. Thanks to its innovation and commitment, Lethiguel has built an excellent reputation in the global foundry industry markets. She has supported Raid in France since day one.

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Start-up based in Annecy, Go'Lum offers ultra-performance headlamps for ultra-distance athletes. Go'Lum is renowned for providing unmatched battery life, thanks in particular to its exclusive innovation that delivers the necessary intensity automatically and self-adaptively. A Go'Lum is developed, designed, and manufactured in France. Co-designed with users. And assembled, packaged, and shipped by workers with disabilities.

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