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RIF Spirit 2023 Official Ranking

04 Oct 2023

Find the official ranking of this 2023 RIF Spirit, European and French National Championship of adventure races. Haute-Savoie has been an incredible host for the race, offering the 80 teams some spectacular memories. Team FMR CSO is won the title, they are now European and French national regaining champions.

RIF Spirit 2023 : all the images

03 Oct 2023

In our com’s team: 1 photographer, 4 cameraman, 2 editors, … During the race, they tracked our racers, to capture the intensity of their adventure. It came out with hundreds of photos and videos and a film that will be shared on l’Equipe TV during October. To consult the images and videos, head to our […]

FMR regained his win at European championships and Earned the French national title

01 Oct 2023

FMR CSO came in Haute-Loire to regain his European title in Adventure races. Challenge made and beyond ; indeed, the team became, by the same occasion, French national Champion in mixed teams. For all the teams, the night has been hard, due to the cold and the toughness of the track; Lucie Croissant, Benjamin Coutant, […]

Fighting hard to keep the lead!

30 Sep 2023

Early this morning, the Europeans and French championships were kicked off with an orienteering prolog in, the still sleepy, village of Tence. The teams are now off for a 172km expedition, non stop, around Haute-Loire. The fight for the lead is real, and will keep on being through the night, in order to cross the […]

RIF2023 : short but intense

29 Sep 2023

The city of Tence in the Haute-Loire region will welcome 80 adventure racing teams and competitors from 10 nations this weekend for the RIF Spirit race. The race is staged by Raid in France, which has led the way in international adventure racing for two decades and staged two World Championships. Normally, Race Director Pascal […]

Follow the Raid des Dentelles

23 May 2023

Grab your Computer and Smartphone this Saturday, May 27 at noon for the 1st edition of the Raid des Dentelles (France) in the Adventure Racing European Championship. Organized by 400 Team, in collaboration with Raid In France, the race offers 209 kilometers in the Avignon region, in Provence. It will be relayed in live by […]

It’s open !

05 Mar 2023

Save the date ! Enrolments for the European and French championships of Adventure Racing will be live on the 3rd of April 2023. Our playground for the event: Haute-Loire, a wild and well preserve department, surrounded by volcanoes, river Loire, Allier Gorges and magnificients forests. European Championships : 60 teams max (10 spots reserved) of […]

2023 is magic !

04 Mar 2023

It’s an extrodinary year coming along for Raid in France with the organisation of two major events of adventure races: the European championship and the French championship. Two races but only one week end to save in your agendas: the 29th of september to the 1st of October 2023. The marvelous Haute-Loire will be our […]

Rif Spirit, European Championship

28 Oct 2022

Rif Spirit follows the « Back to Nature » motto of Raid in France, with a shorter race of 18 to 28 hours. French round of the Adventure Racing European Series, this race has been designed for the teams aiming to get an overview of long-distance adventure races or for the teams wanting to get […]

Closing interview

07 Jul 2022

What a relief to finally be able to launch this race that was initially designed in 2020 and postponed in 2021: happy racers on the finish line ; no injury ; a weather challenging just as needed, with rain, fog, storms but also sun… gathering all the ingredients for a genuine expedition, says Pascal Bahuaud, […]

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